ABOUT 品牌故事

TOKYO Ef was established in 2005
By the designer Sherry Chen to emphasize exclusive bespoke dress designs, loved by many famous celebrities such as Shu Qi, Xu Yining, and Chen Yihan, and used for TV shows and advertisements of various shows, and designated dress brand for Catwalk modeling company, the largest modeling agency in Asia.

TOKYO Ef wedding was founded in 2012.
Continuing TOKYO Ef's exclusive custom designs with an Oriental flare featured in wedding magazine, Ef Wedding style is simple and uncomplicated, features full body fitting cut, and uses European craftsmanship noble and delicate tailoring, creating a unique styled bespoke dress unprecedented in the market.

TOKYO Ef 成立於2005年
由設計師 Sherry Chen(陳彥錞)打造強調獨家訂製東方剪裁的禮服設計,受到舒淇隋棠許瑋甯陳意涵等眾多名人喜愛,並為各大節目電視劇及廣告愛用,並為凱渥模特兒公司選美指定禮服。

TOKYO Ef wedding 成立於2012年
延續 TOKYO Ef 獨家設計東方剪裁精神,強調簡約不繁瑣的設計風格,塑身效果強烈的曲線剪裁,並且有歐洲廠手工訂製的尊貴細膩,為新娘打造市場前所未有的獨特婚紗 並獲婚紗雜誌評選為北區六大名店。